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Karensminde Agricultural Museum

Karensminde Agricultural Museum

A visit at Karensminde Agricultural Museum feels like stepping into another age. Here work is done as in the heydays of the farm back in the 18th and 19th centuries. The whole family can lend a helping hand when it is time to harvest, dig up potatoes or help milk the cow. In the meantime food is being prepared on the old woodstove. At Karensminde you can get very close to the animals. Help shear the sheep or collect the eggs in the chicken run. Have a look around the stables. On the green meadow you can say hello to the goat and geese. The rabbits are lying comfortably in their cages, while the cat sneaks a nap in a hay stack. When the big horses are harnessed to the wagon you can have a drive around the countryside in the old horse-drawn carriage. All year there are activities for the whole family on Karensminde. Enjoy making wooden toys in the wood workshop, make patterns on fabric with carved potatoes, paint eggs or lend a helping hand in the kitchen when soup or marmalade is made. You are welcome to bring a picnic basket and have lunch in the beautiful surroundings or buy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the small shop.

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