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Explore Two Japanese Cities

Explore Two Japanese Cities

Looking to do a bit of city-hopping across the land of sumo, samurai, and sushi? We’re offering you the chance to spend nine days getting to know two of Japan’s most famous cities: Tokyo and Kyoto.

Spend nine days breathing in the distinct culture and vibrant history of two of Japan’s iconic cities: Tokyo and Kyoto. City-hop in style, from the rip-roaring metropolis of Tokyo to ancient Kyoto!

Japan’s successful marriage of charming countryside with fast-paced, cutting-edge urban life means it offers something for every kind of traveler, from the cherry blossom landscapes and a horizon bulging with the impressive peak of Mount Fuji to the major metropolises.
Japan, located in the Pacific Ocean, is bursting with majestic temples, magnificent castles, and high-speed railway. This sovereign Island nation in East Asia never fails to surprise the western world with its kooky new gadgets and peculiar inventions, notable for being the birthplace of Manga, Ninjas, and Sumo wrestlers.

But Japan isn’t all about sushi and samurai warriors; on the contrary, Japanese culture traces back thousands of years and continually endeavors to blend tradition with modern society. Conventional tea ceremonies are placed in amongst urban skyscrapers, and precious age-old temples are found a mere stone’s throw from new-fangled vending machines selling anything from frothy beer to free-range eggs. Don’t believe us? See for yourself and kick-start your adventure in the 500-year-old city of Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Tokyo is a rip-roaring, fast-paced metropolis, essentially the modest fishing village of Edo. Spend your time here discovering the temple markets and pottery shops of Asakusa or chow down on local delights at the famous Kappabashi Kitchen Street. Then, venture deep into the mountains of Nikko and marvel at the multicolored world-heritage shrines, proceeding afterward to Kamakura, the ancient city of the samurai. After meandering through Yokohama’s Chinatown, the biggest in all of Japan, you’ll take a trip to Mount Fuji, that mighty peak sitting proudly on the horizon and offering spell-binding views.

After Tokyo, pack your bags for Kyoto, nestled in the mountains of Western Honshu. Kyoto, Japan’s former capital and therefore immersed in ancient tradition. Kyoto and it’s 14 World Heritage Sites (two of which are on your itinerary) are living proof that bigger isn’t always better, although the city often eclipsed by larger Japanese cities.

Start off with a historical tour of Nijo Castle, built by the founder of the Edo Shogunate, and then stand in awe at the captivating Kinkakuji Temple before heading to Kyoto Imperial Park. You’ll also have the chance to get to know the ancient city of Nara, bursting with a plethora of important scenic and historical sites, including the Todaiji Temple and the Kasuga Taisha shrine.

Then, gain a better understanding of Japan’s customs and traditions with a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto, a practice which is 400 years old and which will help you make your own Green Tea!

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