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Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo

Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo

This captivating 9-night stay will see you travel to three of East Asia’s cultural must-sees: Hong Kong (China), Seoul (South Korea) and Tokyo (Japan). You’ll spend three nights at each destination, venturing off on enchanting excursions by day and relaxing at cozy three/four-star hotels by night…


Complete with flights, accommodation and jam-packed tours to exquisite shrines, palaces and marketplaces, this 9-night triple center getaway to East Asia promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. Discover the famous floating village of Hong Kong, Seoul’s striking Gyeongbokgung Palace and wander the lush gardens of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace.



A land of bulbous skyscrapers, striking architecture and undeniable historical prowess, Hong Kong manages to effortlessly combine modernity with antiquity.


An autonomous territory in southeastern China, the island is a feast for the senses; the shopping areas of Stanley Market and Temple Street Night Market invite endless wandering; the Aberdeen Floating Fishing Village is an intriguing window into Hong Kong’s local mode de vie and Victoria Peak, perched atop a skyscraper-studded skyline, offers superlative views.


You’ll experience all of this – and more – during an exciting half-day tour and three-night stay on the island before being whisked off to Seoul, South Korea’s capital. 

The half day tour of Hong Kong is only available up until June, after this will be offering a sunset cruise. 


Seoul is similar to Hong Kong in that it offers an attractive blend of old-meets-new. Picture intricate Buddhist temples, thronging street markets and burgeoning nightlife coursing through the veins of a vibrant and eclectic city.


Your organized tour of Seoul will include visits to the striking Gyeongbokgung Palace, the mesmerizing Jogyesa Temple (site of ancient locust and pine trees), the National Folk Museum and the Exhibition Center – the latter of which offer a great way to brush up on your history.


And after a jam-packed three nights, you’ll swap South Korea’s capital for the bright lights of Tokyo – the capital of Japan and world-renowned for its culinary delicacies such as sushi, yakitori and ramen.


Here, the ultramodern merges with the traditional in a similar vein to Seoul and Hong Kong; neon-lit skyscrapers peacefully collide with time-worn, historical temples, shrines and museums. 


An interesting tour of its hotspots will see you visit the mighty Meiji Shinto Shrine with its towering gate and surrounding woods, the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, chockful of picturesque seasonal flowers, and the Nakamise Shopping Street for some last minute splurging.

from C$1999*

9 Nights Triple Far East Break with all inclusive Bali

9 Nights Triple Far East Break with all inclusive Bali

First up, we fly you to Malaysia’s beautiful capital, Kuala Lumpur, for two nights. The city’s diverse heritage continues to boom with the lightning speed of modern life. Nowhere on earth offers such a vivid clash of culture. A call to prayer accompanies a visit to the rocket-like Petronas Towers and a gathering at a mosque epitomizes 21st-century Islam. From the colorful fashion to the glittering skyline, the sights are as memorable as the spicy culinary amusements that fill the Garden City of Lights.

From Malaysia’s remarkable capital you’ll travel to the southern city-state of Singapore, where you’ll discover ultramodern streets, colonial architecture and Universal Studios. It comes as no surprise that this booming metropolis, dubbed by Lonely Planet as “the number one country to visit.”

Finish with five nights on the Indonesian Island of Bali, where forces of nature have set a high bar. Whether strolling across pale golden sands, passing by offerings of petals or trekking up the majestic peaks; makes your paradise fantasies come true. Expect the warmest of welcomes from locals and hotel staff, with dishes of Nasi Goreng, served on beachside terraces. Stop dreaming of stars glittering above you with the sand between your toes and grab your spot on the beach!

from C$2299*

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